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Inside Passage
Inside Passage

Inside Passage

Inside Passage, Ketchikan, Alaska

Practical Info

The Inside Passage is a coastal route for sea vessels on the Pacific Coast of North America.

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Inside Passage Sea Kayaking from Skagway
Inside Passage Sea Kayaking from Skagway
$213.00 per adult
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We had an amazing time kayaking the...
We had an amazing time kayaking the inside passage with Chris and Connor! They were both very knowledgeable about our pristine surroundings and they each added to our experience. One thing we did that I did not expect was to enjoy some silence out on the water. It is a powerful memory that I will hold dear for a long time. We were very lucky and saw lots of wildlife - sea otters, seals, lots of different birds including king fishers and at least 20 bald eagles, a bull moose on shore and a whale in the harbor. While I cannot guarantee that you will share these encounters, I can tell you that being a good sport about the weather is a good place to start! It rained the whole time and yet I would not change a thing as this was our favorite excursion on our whole trip!
Chris E, Sep 2017